HOW IT WORKS - For Tutors

There is no need for a specialized certification or prior teaching experience!

  • We welcome educators who: Take pleasure in imparting information and changing the lives of students.

  • Possess excellent communication abilities.

  • Are prepared to offer a customized educational experience.

On Room A to Z, we have more than 100 courses in languages, academic areas, extracurricular activities, and the arts.

  • Provide a little background information about yourself.

  • The image of your headshot

  • What are your tutoring skills?

  • Make a brief introductory video (up to 2 mins long)

  • Determine your availability.

Our staff will review your profile within 5 business days after your registration completion. Once your profile has been authorized, it will be visible to students from all around the world on Room A to Z, where they can schedule lessons with you.

We sometimes reject tutor profiles on the first try because the profile picture, video, or description doesn't adhere to our standards. Use a genuine photo of yourself, make the effort to produce a quick video, and briefly highlight your teaching talents in the profile description.

Moreover, be careful not to include any contact information, lesson costs, or other deceptive information in your profile description or video. It will take longer to get permission if you don't remove this information, therefore we'll ask you to.

  • Earn money by sharing your knowledge and receive a steady stream of new students looking to learn online.

  • Manage your lessons and communicate with students easily. 

  • Teach whenever and wherever you want.

  • Use secure payment methods.

For conducting lessons, you will need a laptop or desktop computer, a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.

Yes. Creating a tutor profile, connecting with students, and using Room A to Z's resources are all free. We only charge a commission for the lessons you have instructed. A first course has a 100% commission.

The commission for the subsequent courses begins at 35% and drops to 15%.

The most well-known tutors on Room A to Z can make up to $500 per week. Your revenues are based on the course fee you establish and the number of students who continue their education with you.

  • Getting payments from Room A to Z students outside the platform

  • Canceling and/or not attending scheduled classes without rescheduling

  • Sharing any contact information or links 

  • Sharing links to other websites with tutoring services

  • Sharing any contact information, full names, links, and emails in the tutor's profile description or video

  • Violation of social norms and rules including inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, fraud

  • Posting advertisements and recruitment announcements

  • Providing misleading information and pricing in a tutor's profile

  • Registering two or more tutor profiles on the platform?

Registration for Room A To Z is free, and there is no cost for us to host your profile. Commission is only charged when a tutor starts to get bookings from students.

Every single initial course has a 100% commission. The tutor is charged a percentage (between 15% and 35%) for every course after that. The fee is determined by how many courses a teacher has instructed overall on the platform.

The rate of commission decreases as you teach more courses on Room A to Z. For new tutors, the rate is 35%, but after 10 courses, it drops to 30%, and so on. Whenever you start recruiting students and offering additional courses, you'll notice that it soon goes down.

The table below shows the commission rates. Please keep in mind that the number of courses you have successfully finished on the platform represents all of your teaching courses (not courses per student).

Total no. of Enrolled Students    Commission rate

Total no. of Enrolled Students Commission rate
1st Student 100%
2–10 Students 35%
11–20 Students 30%
21–30 Students 25%
31–40 Students 20%
41+Students 15%

HOW IT WORKS - Students

Everyone has a different link to the Room A to Z dashboard, where they can take lessons from and communicate with each tutor or student.

A verification symbol (a green verified tick) will appear next to the tutor's name on the profile once their account has been verified.  This indicates that the Room A to Z staff has verified the tutor's identity by comparing the profile information with the required paperwork.

The time differences between you and your instructor will be adjusted by our system, and the times you see on our platform are always based on your own time zone.

In the Room A To Z dashboard, you can send and receive messages at any moment. Throughout your lesson, send messages to one another. These will be preserved so you can review them afterwards.

At Room A to Z, we never stop learning and are constantly striving to create the ideal classroom. Please get in touch with Room A To Z support if you've discovered a problem or have a suggestion.

During message exchanges, it is not permitted to disclose any contact information. Any information that enables a tutor or a student to communicate with one another outside of the platform is considered contact information, and may include but is not limited to:

  • Phone numbers

  • Emails

  • Skype usernames

  • Where the classes will be taught with exact location (house number, entrance, flat)

  • Social network nick names

  • External links

Sharing URLs to other websites is prohibited. Sending links to other platforms will result in the blocking of the user's profile. On our platform, the following things are also not permitted:

  • posting job postings or announcements about hiring new staff or distributing such items via the Room A to Z messaging system.

  • the disregard for accepted social standards and laws, such as inappropriate conduct, sexual harassment, and fraud.

  • The Room A To Z team will look into each complaint specifically and take strict action as needed in accordance with our regulations.

Cash payments are not accepted at Room A to Z, kindly be aware of this.

Your information is carefully safeguarded in our secured payment system because your privacy is extremely important to us. As a result, we firmly advise any payments to be made by our users only through our platform.

It is possible that we will be unable to complete your payment for a variety of reasons.

Please kindly attempt the following in such circumstances:

  • See if you are making a purchase with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.

  • Verify that the card information was input accurately (Name, Card number, Expiry date, and CVV number)

  • If there are any restrictions on online purchases or foreign payments, ask your bank.

  • Please get in touch with our support staff if issues continue; we're here to help!

Would you prefer a record that attests to your growth as a learner?

We can award you a certificate on behalf of Room A To Z once you have finished at least one course on our platform.

For us to issue a certificate, please contact our support team, providing:

  • Your Full Name

  • Course taken 

We will prepare the certificate and issue it for you!